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Club IT Final Project The mission statement that Club IT states is they want to serve their community and welcome everyone to become regulars no matter who you are. They are trying to say this club meets every ones needs and plays every ones music. The club has live bands on Fridays, and Saturdays while on Tuesdays thru Thursdays are Dj’s. So their clientele who listens to the music they displayed on their website is who they are trying to get at their club but their most focused area of music is “Hip-Hop, Techno, Electronica, MP3, and live. These are the people they are interested in getting to the club. They also play certain genres each month to attract an array of clients. They have a huge space that includes 6,000 square feet and seating for 220 people. The dance floor itself if 600 square feet. So attracting large parties that want to rent out the place is most likely a goal. Club IT really doesn’t serve too much food just some bar food and pizza, so they are trying to stay away from the restaurant business side of it. Club IT is trying to be a friendly business, which people find the place to be safe and easy to have fun. One way they use customer relationship management is buy showing a profile of each employee on their website; this profile goes into very descriptive detail about the employee so the customer can get a feel of what type of people are working at this club. I thought they were very smart on how they used their bullet points as links to go further into detail for example; dining and menus, once you click on this link it will show the customers what to expect for food and drinks and what the cost is going to be. The also have a link for the club layout so you know what to expect before you arrive. They do use a enterprise resource planning network but it is not very well thought out. This shows how much they have sold in drinks and foods but it doesn’t show the expenses so there was no real way to tell if they are making a profit. I believe their information systems could be a little bit better done. This site needs to marketable and give as mush information as possible to catch customer’s eyes. Simply there is not enough information to make me want to go there. My suggestions would be many just to way the website looks. People want to say wow when they are looking at a web page and are trying to see if this place is as good as people are saying. Well if I was a customer and looked at their website there is nothing that’s say I should want to go here. So the first thing that I would do is change the way the site looks, adding pictures and maybe some music when the web page opens, this will indeed get any ones attention and that’s what we need to do. I also would want to put links in for actual photos of good nights and a link for upcoming bands and events. There is no schedule that says anything of any sort except by month. I like the link to the employees but a customer shouldn’t know how much one is making or has made. The sales also shouldn’t be on the web page instead this information should be in a program for revenues and expenses on a different application. I would suggest of getting a very good POS System to better manage all areas of sales and management. This will be able to help us sell and record and manage our numbers better. It will help us focus on the areas will do well and do bad to help us be more profitable at the end of the day. We should have actual pictures of the club with no one in it. There should be prices for parties or a contact button so they can contact Ruben or Lisa. With these changes in the website and getting a new POS System to run the operations smoother and faster will help grow this club a lot more faster. I have come across some ideas that could improve the way Club-IT operates and connects to their clientele. I have noticed that most of the customers who come here are of the technology age and we have an opportunity to connect to our