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Club IT, Part 1 Club IT’s mission is to offer good live music with a DJ and great refreshments. They also want to extend a hand out of friendship and hopes that Club IT will be your first and regular choice. The owners of Club IT want clientele that enjoy music and having a good time. Young or old there is always some music that will suit your fancy with also being able to solve that hunger issue that may arise. With having a 6,000 square foot area and being newly remodeled this club brings the newer touch with the music from all the ages. It also has the ability to sit around 220 people and a dance floor that is 600 square feet, this plus the ability for appetizers and short orders makes Club IT state of the art. After going thru a rough day at work or when the day is one of them to where you cannot take any more that is why Club IT was designed. Coming in and seeing the friendly environment and seeing friends you currently have and making new ones Club IT is not just a club but a relaxing spot. The internet has brought changes to the world as we know it and Club IT has also taken advantage of that too. When people are looking for a good time and just want to know a little more about Club IT it is no more than a click away. From placing a takeout order or just wondering what they have to crave your appetite you can find it. Let’s not forget that they offer merchandise online also, so when you start enjoying yourself and just want to let everyone one else know that you hang out at Club IT then the merchandise is available. They even try to give you a peace of mind by making sure you know how many people are working and in what position. Now on the employee side it gives them the ability to see what they make hourly, weekly and year to date, it also give them the ability to check up on their vacation time and sick time. The employees also have all the forms they need in case of an accident or if they need to change their direct deposit information. The owners Lisa and Ruben had a lot of on the job training with many hours of trial and error and thru all that, they learned the ways to run a night club along with the information they gathered at school. With both of them earning a Business Administration degree in 2000 and still being young they took their business knowledge and their knowledge of knowing what