Essay on Club It Part One

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Club IT Part 1

Andrew Morgan


Michael Scott

November 26, 2012

The mission statement of Club IT is direct and simple; it states that the owners want to provide “live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments” that would cater to the desires of the clientele. The mission states that the owners wish to build a regular clientele, customers who would “meet regularly at Club IT.” The type of clientele the owners are wanting to attract are music lovers, and from looking at their calendar they should have no problem getting people who want to hear live music, DJ playlists and dance in the door, several months out of the year there are bands from a specific area in the United States booked to play at Club IT. The other months they have booked DJ or bands that play a certain genre of music; they even have an open mike night for one month. With a calendar as varies as Club IT they should have no issues building their clientele with music lovers from all walks of life. When considering Information Technology (IT) the first thing to change or update would be the Club IT website, there is some useful information on the site now but it looks as though it was built in the early 90’s and with simple clipart, the graphic designs should be something exclusive to Club IT. Links on the new site should be what is already there but instead of having an uploaded image of the menu have the menu typed out in plain text, for example. A blog used to announce upcoming events and bands would be a useful tool, especially since you it can be linked to social networks like twitter facebook. In the case of nightclubs IT can also mean identification technology, not only can age verification technology save a nightclub from an invasion of underage drinkers, which can result in fines and the possibility of losing the clubs liquor license, it can capture data that can stored in a database for future reference and marketing.

Club IT is the new hot spot that recently opened in San Francisco, Ca. The purpose of this paper is to explain Club Its mission statement, primary cliental, the systems management, the function of IT, and their competitive strategy to help advance in business. Club IT’s mission statement, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT
” (Rainer, 2000-2007). Club IT is a dance club for young and middle aged adults. Club It offers an atmosphere filled with fun and energy. Live bands play on Friday and Saturday nights for people to enjoy. Monday through Thursday there is a Dj that plays hip-hop, techno, electronic and top 40’s until closing time. The bar has a variety of drinks to select from, along with finger foods and short order. Club Its purpose is to create a place