Club IT Part Two Final Essay

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Club IT Part Two
Luis D. Maymí Romero
University of Phoenix
Prof. Evelyn Muñoz Figueroa
April 27, 2015
Club IT Part Two
In the evaluation made of Club IT networking and digital information capabilities. I’ve noticed that they are lacking a proper communication channel between resources, customers, and supply chain. The administration want to listen to viable solutions for better reporting capabilities between departments and a more cost efficient way to make the business self sufficient. One of the areas that need more revision is the supply chain. Because all the orders are prepared manually, there isn’t any direct communication with the supplier. This can lead to ordering product in excess, creating an overstock for the club. Using an ERP System will provide better control of the products in stock. This Systems and processes will identify inventory requirements, set targets, provide replenishment techniques and report actual and projected inventory status. Using this system will help the administration have a better control of inventory cost.
According to Silver Touch Technologies Ltd (2009):The HRM Module can also be implemented for payroll, work time, benefits administration, HR management information system, recruiting, training, performance record and employee self-service of each employee. While reviewing the personnel’s information it was noticeable that it’s missing some key element for their personnel files and an HRM Module can help the HR Department. The same company mentions that using the HRM Module can help the HR Department to maintain better control of the records for each employee. One of the features is Online recruiting which has become one of the primary methods employed by HR departments to garner potential candidates for available positions within an organization. Management systems typically encompass:
Analyzing personnel usage within an organization;
Identify potential applicants;
Recruiting through company-facing listings;
Recruiting through online recruiting sites or publications that market to both recruiters and applicants.
Other Applications include benefits administration module. This provides a system for organizations to administer and track employee participation in benefits programs. These typically encompass insurance, compensation, profit sharing and retirement.
CRM System can also be integrated for sales on the club. The implementation is called Sales Force Automation. SFA system provides a variety of applications and capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that the sales department need to spend on manual data entry and administration of their products. This allows them to successfully pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time than would otherwise be possible. This form of sales can provide the club with a better control of sales for the tickets for the Friday and Saturday concert. Other applications provided is the Marketing Automations Which can help the enterprise identify and target its best clients and generate qualified leads for the sales team. This will provide marketing tracking capabilities and measuring multichannel campaigns, including email, search, social media, and direct mail. Metrics monitored include clicks, responses, leads, deals, and revenue.
According to (2003-2009). Not only it can be used for the sales of ticket but also merchandise relating to the Club IT Store. Other events can be integrated in the CRM System allowing the customer to have full control of his experience on the Clubs Web Page. It will allow the