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Main Protagonist: Reginald Boddy is the host of the story. He has a mansion . he has invited 6 of his good friends to be guest at his mansion for the weekend . Mr.Boddy is a great host and has invited his guest over thousands of times before .he’s very gullible and never suspects his friends do stuff wrong but most of the time they do.

Main Antagonist: Mrs. Peacock shes always stealing and getting into trouble. She always killing of starting fights. She also killed the invisible cat which broke the curse. She is always dressed in red her favorite thing to do is to fight to make things right but that never happens. At the end she ends up being really great and also she can really hear stuff.

Main Conflicts: one of the main conflict was when Mr. Green was in the library and colonel mustard found a revolver that was marked m.g. which stands for Mr. Green. the first thing col.mustard did was tell mr.boddy that he had found the revolver marked m.g . When mr.boddy found out that Mr. Green was the person that the revolver belonged to then mr.boddy took it away and locked it in the safe to make sure that no one took it.

Resolution of Main Conflicts: mr.boddy was surprised by the reaction of when he told him that weapons were not allowed. then he instantly got the revolver and tried shooting mr.boddy. but since mr.boddy knew that was going to happen he ducked and he turned out to be ok. since mr.boddy is very gullible that he