Clueless Movie Analysis

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Clueless Response Paper What we are currently learning about in Lifespan Growth and Development is adolescence. Adolescence is a, “period of the life span between the time puberty begins and the time adult status is approached, when young people are preparing to take on the roles and responsibilities of adulthood in their culture” (Arnett, 2015, p.350). The movie Clueless is related to this part of the course because we are watching adolescents interacting with their environment. We get to see them preparing to take on roles and responsibilities of adulthood. For example, learning to drive or getting the best grades in school. The film presents cultural differences, social and class differences, emotional and cognitive development, and …show more content…
During adolescence, “adolescents may have difficulty distinguishing their thinking about their own thoughts from their thinking about the thoughts of others, resulting in distinctive kind of adolescent egocentrism” (Arnett, 2015, p.366). Many of the characters in the movie care about appearances and what others think about them. In the school, many girls are seen with bandages on their nose or chin because they got plastic surgery. At one point, they were insecure with a certain facial feature so they had it changed. Adolescents create an “imaginary audience.” Adolescents, “conclude that others must also be thinking about them a great deal. Because they exaggerate the extent to which others think about them, they imagine a rapt audience for their appearance and behavior” (Arnett, 2015, p.366). “American adolescents report feeling ‘self-conscious’ and ‘embarrassed’ two to three times more often than their parents” (Arnett, 2015, p.377). For example, when Tai falls on her back on the stairs at the party she gets embarrassed. She says, “now all night long I’ll be known as the girl who fell on her butt” (Rudin, Lawrence & Heckerling, 1995). In reality, that was not true, only one person noticed. Cognitive and emotional development go together when it comes to