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Brand Image
Every day, teenagers purchase products based solely on whether the product may fit their style. Brand image is defined by the way that a company portrays their product. This brand image is something that is created by the company that is selling the product. The company will create an image that advertisers will then promote mainly through different forms of media in hopes that the audience to embrace this Image. Although companies develop these images, the consumer is the person who, ultimately decides to purchase the brand. The media is what carries the image of the product that companies are trying to portray into people’s households. Television and the internet play an important role in getting that image across to the audience. Before seeing an advertisement on television or the internet, a person might see a shoe simply as comfortable clothing, but when a basketball player is in a commercial dunking a ball and wearing those shoes, that person’s perspective will change drastically. In his article, which one of these sneakers is me? Douglas Rushkoff talks about how Pokémon is “one long advertisement” (Rushkoff 103). Pokémon has a television show, video games, and trading cards. Kids spend a lot of money on buying as many cards a possible, because the main character of the television show has collect all of the Pokémon. This makes kinds buy so many cards because they want to be like the main character of the show. Peggy Orenstein, the author of Just a Little Princess talks about the princess era and how television networks like Disney channel where pushing princess culture on kids (Orenstein 90-91). The princess image was so strong that she writes, “By not buying the princess the princess pull-ups I may be inadvertently communicating that being is a bad thing” (93). While companies use the media draw a certain