The 3-X-5 Components Of A Project

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39. Locally installed online collaboration tools are easy to use and work well.
40. Well-written safety messages include short, familiar words.
41. The 3-x-3 writing process includes prewriting, writing, and revising.
42. Before asking others for information, see what you can find yourself.
43. Formal research methods include accessing electronically searching manually, and investigating primary sources.
44. If a project is complex, consider organizing it by outlining the major points.
45. Careful writers define the main topic, and they divide it into three to five components.
46. We decided that Jill Hawkins, who is the best writer on the team, should prepare the final draft.
47. The company’s executives expected new office construction to be finished by September 1, 2012, in Boulder, Colorado.
48. Grammar checkers, by the way, often highlight passive voice as a grammar fault.
49. When you must be tactful and avoid naming the doer of an action, the passive voice can be helpful.
50. C
51. Successful product names may appear to have been named by magic; however, the naming process is methodical and deliberate.
52. Choosing the right name and tagline is critical; consequently companies are eager to hire specialists.
53. Naming is costly endeavor; fees may range up to $70,000 for a global name.
54. Expanding markets are in Paris, France; Beijing, China; and Dubai City, United Arab Emirates.
55. As she was about to name a fashion product Rachel Hermes said: “if I am launching a new fashion label the task becomes very difficult, I have to find a name that communicates the creative style that brand is to embody.
56. For a new perfume, Hermes considered the following ideas. Declaration, Serenity, and Earth.
57. Naming is not a problem for small companies; however, it is a big problem for a global brands.
58. Hermes started with a thorough competitive analysis, it included quantifying the tone and strength of competing names.
59.Attending the naming sessions were James Harper, marketing director; Reva Cruz, product manager; and Cheryl Chang, vice president.
60. Distribution of goods has become global; therefore, names have to be registered in many countries.
61. Facebook users’ accounts will be suspended if the members don’t abide by