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Title of Paper: Interpersonal communication
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Interpersonal Communication: What you see is what you get: How perception impacts Communication
How interpersonal communication is one of our foundation in life, how it’s role in our life. There are many different aspects you should know about that can impact interpersonal communication. There are three key notes of importance that could help to improve and honed in on becoming a better communicator. These three key notes are just some simple things that can be altering how we perceive communicational skills. The principles on perception are Physiology, Age, and Culture.
Physiology it help us or hurts in interpersonal communications, our physical state of mind will influence on perception. Now understanding our moods or other physical capabilities will help us communicate better or it will hurt us commination with others. Such as stress or even anger will control how we perceive the way some one is try to communicate to others. Now there is the physical side of it if your deaf, blind, or even illiterate will hinder us to communicate with others.

So understanding the physiology will help us improve our communicational skills with others. For instance, according to Mr. McCroskey he states that physiology is.

Some of the more important outcomes of human communication are the Perceptions of each other that are stimulated in the participants as a result Of their interaction. A person’s communication behavior has a major impact. On the way that person is perceived by the other communicators involved. I feel that Mr. McCroskey is saying that how we perceive the way other action tone of voice is impacted how we communicate with others on a day to day communications. Not only is he saying the attitude of our day will impact the way we perceive people but there mental capacity will also alter how we communicate. The other way interpersonal communication is effected is by a person age
Another side of communication that hinders us in communicating with others is the Age of the two trying to communicate. Our age can have a block on how we communicate with different people that are older vs. younger these days. Seeing that we grew up in different eras it can be a different dialog in terms of how we use the words to communicate. The other part of different age is that older people have more wisdom and the younger are not as wise as the older people. The youth these Days also use slang words that may different from the older age group so this may hinder how they communicate. For instance, Ms. Woods says “age and wealth of experience it brings can also change our perceptions.” (Woods, 2010).
The factors of age are influences our interpersonal communication. According to Ms. Woods, a widely recognized expert on interpersonal communication, there is important and interesting stuff she has said: How age and the wealth of experiences it brings can also change our perceptions of social issue. The extent of discrimination still experienced by women and minorities understandably frustrates the youth and how it changes the perceptions of interpersonal communication (Woods, 2010)
I feel that age has a huge impact on our interpersonal communication and how it alters the way we communicate with different age levels. Do to the fact that as time goes on we learn more and more about how the past and future generation talks to one another in the verbal and nonverbal communications. The other factor that has another major impact on interpersonal communication is Culture.
The Culture has a major impact on how we communicate with others, by Language and Slander. The Language barriers will hinder people to communicate by not knowing how or what the other is saying. Now there is a version of the same language known as slander use of the words that means something totally different from in which it was supposed to be used. Now knowing