Cmgt 554 Week4 Essay

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Team A- Week 4 Assignment – Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
University of Phoenix
CMGT 554
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Information systems assist Patton-Fuller Community Hospital in setting and accomplishing it goals of improving and collaborating interdepartmentally with management, employees, staff, and customers (Apollo Group, Inc, 2013). Proficient information systems objectives are to provide effective and efficient services; add profit and cost-avoidance; and social responsibility (Blue Avenue Associates, 2010). Patton-Fuller objectives are to improve the efficiency of the hospital operations, relationship with current and future patients, and support finance management (Apollo Group, Inc, 2013). Information
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Replace the majority of the systems with an all-in-one solution, such as the integrated hospital management system from Napier Health Care. This system integrates all major hospital information systems into an easy to manage and customize solution. The Napier HMS includes modules available areas (Napier Health Care, 2013) inclusive with the hospital’s areas of administration, finance, clinical support, patient management, ancillaries, interfaces and decision support. The HMS includes the ability to integrate with already existing systems allowing Patton-Fuller to incorporate the changes they wish to see, while keeping the existing systems they love. This modularity and scalability allows the addition of extra modules as the hospital IT budget expands and new systems are sought. Another all-in-one solution is the number one KLAS rated system for the past 7 years in a row Paragon HIS from McKesson Corporation. Their solution is also modular and customizable. Paragon is a Microsoft SQL based system, which reduces the possible costliness of dealing with a proprietary platform that may be changed or eliminated at a company’s whim. This system includes (McKesson Corporation, 2013) physician documentation, which is an integrated solution that supports care communication and charge capture via the physician’s natural workflow. Additionally, Paragon HIS includes web stations for physicians, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), clinical