The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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When you walk into CMOE there is such a converting and relax atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what your kids enjoy or their interest you will want to take them to CMOE not just because of what all you can observe there, but also because of how the staff acts and there goals and ideas. When talking to Emily Endress and Stephanie Terry I could quickly see that this isn’t just their job, it is also their passion, they want to bring the best atmosphere for kids to learn but have fun when they are learning, and there will be no boundaries on what they want CMOE to become.

From the beginning of the interview all the way to the time I left I was nothing but impressed because of not just with the words they used to answer our questions but the way they answered them. To me in communications it’s not all about the words you use but all the other factors are just as important to me, such as their tone and all the non-verbal’s. When she answered the question about what led her to get involved in this type of work, you could see the fire and passion just light up in her eyes as she began to explain how she first got a part time job here and got the opportunity to work at the summer camp. She absolutely loved it, she didn’t have anything negative to say about it. She then led on to say that she had her teaching degree, enjoyed teaching but was not a fan of the traditional school setting. She wanted to be able to teach the things the kids had to learn like CMOE was doing, rather than books, paper and test setting. A job opened up at CMOE and she didn’t want anything less than that job. It just shows you that this wasn’t there last resort to a job, it was the exact opposite. They want to work here they want this type of job.

CMOE is most definitely not your normal museum, it has pretty much been the same museum these last six to seven years. They know that is definitely time for change.

To some people it is always just about how things places are operated, or what they have to offer, or even the people that work there. They are more worried about what they will observe when they are there to see how things are working all the time. What you observe at a place leaves a lasting impression. When I got the opportunity to visit CMOE the most important things I observed was the first impression, how everything was set up, and the staff that worked there.

In life no matter what you are doing or where you are at or how old you are, first impressions are everything. You can redo a first impression. That is one of the main reasons that I knew the moment I opened the door at CMOE and I would get my first impression that, that would determine how the next 2 hours of the interview would go. When I walked through the door all I could see was warming, friendly smiles from the workers all the way to the youngest kids that were there playing. You would just know that everybody seemed to be in a good mood and that there wasn’t very much negativity in the room. My first impression was not only that I felt very welcomed but also that I was impressed by how everything was set up.

When you go into a building I am always curious, first how is it set up, second why is it set up this way. You never want to have too much in the front room and you never want to have not enough. I noticed that when I walked in they had some pretty cool things to look at and some simple items that you could play with no matter how old you were. It almost like they were giving you a quick overview on what you were going to get to experience