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The internet can be argued about by many people whether it's a helpful source of information and educational or a waste of time and unnecessary. There are people in the world that don't know what the internet really is or what it is really used for. What would have happened if the internet was never invented? Would our everyday lives be different?
And what about the good positive outcomes of the internet? The internet is a key factor of our society and is also a big role in government.
Internet is basically a connection between networks, whereby networks are connections between computers. It's simply a giant network of computers, which sometimes can be reffered to as the Net. It helps link tons of bussinesses, people, goverment agencies, and people from across the globe. The interent has many uses which can range from acting as a source of infromation to a way of communnication. It can be thought of as an unlimited way of storing and sharing information between people, corporations, or govrments.
The idea of Internet was first developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency or
ARPA of the US Department of Defense. ARPA, which was a group under the Pentagon, had an objective to build a network that would allow scientists at different locations to share their information and work together on military and scientific projects. The network was called
ARPANET and it started to operate for the first time in September 1969. The initial ARPANET was known as Wide Area Network (WAN), which consisted of four main computers, one of each located at the University of California at Los Angeles, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. Each of these four computers was used as the meeting points for network hosts. A host could store and transfers data and messages on high-speed communication lines and becomes a supplier of network connections for other computers. This a big success and the birth of what we call today the Interent. ARPANET connected computers at research sites supported by government, universities, and also linked scientific and academic researchers in the United
States. It was also known as one of the first multipurpose computer networks. Inevitable,
ARPANET soon became an essential piece of infrastructure for the research community, especially in the field of computer science throughout the United States.
The Internet has become very important in today's society. The Internet connects people from around the world on a daily basis. The Internet is used for communication, trading, buying, and selling of stocks. Since its is used for many puposes, people depened on it for everything because it literaly has everything. Any question you might have, the internet will always will find an answer. That could be a really helpful/useful way to be educated on a certain topic. The interent has evolved since it's creation and is now used more than ever.
People's lives are on the internet that can be viewed in different aspects. People needed a way to communicate with each other so the e-mail was created. It allowed people to send messages to be sent privately to each other. Then people felt in need to create a social media website for friends, family and relatives to chat and share photos, so a couple of
Harvard students decided to create "Facebook". It was a great success and inspired many other people and companies to create their own websites such as blogs, other social media sources and up-to-date information on the latest news.
The Internet is also vital to the advertisement industry. The Internet has caused a revolution in the way businesses are being conducted in the 21st century. Businesses all across the world are making money through trading and communicating within seconds on

the web. The Internet helps companies, businesses, and also individuals make money in a variety of ways, and some are simply as posting something you want to sell adn people contact you