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Everyday people take advantage of the many different medications available not even stopping to think where they come from or what it takes to make them accessible. We are all guilty of this more or less but perhaps with a little education, appreciation can be given to those responsible. One of the parties responsible is a company called Amgen. Amgen plays a major role in the development and delivery of medications for such medical conditions as cancer, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and bone disease. Amgen is a large and extremely successful business in the world of human therapeutics and is one of the first of its kind. With the help of highly educated and pleased employees this company continues to develop new and improved drugs holding the reputation of an exceptionally prosperous multi-billion dollar corporation (Amgen). The former CEO of Amgen Gordon Binder was of the mindset of helping his subordinates succeed in order to succeed himself. Clearly this philosophy proved to be beneficial as the company prospered and became well known for being a great employer. As of the year 2000 Binder lead the company to be the stock market’s fourteenth largest pharmaceutical company of the world. This philosophy was carried on by CEO’s through the years bringing the company more and more success (Quiet). Now in 2012 Forbes magazine ranks Amgen two-hundred and twelve on their list of “The World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes).” President and CEO Robert A. Bradway lead this large company of seventeen thousand plus employees in an effort to “serve patients” (Amgen). As of April 2012 he has successfully taken the company to $15.58 Billion in sales as well as achieving scores below five-hundred in assets, profit, and market value according to Forbes. As a global market frontrunner of the pharmaceutical world, Amgen is only exceeded by Genentech in market capitalization (Smith). It’s obvious that the success of the company must come in part from the effectiveness of the products they are producing. However nothing dulls the risks a biomedical company faces including healthcare cuts, generic rivalry, and the unfavorable effects of the drugs on patients. Amgen has taken the approach of biotechnology and the use of human proteins as therapeutic agents. They also use a combination of cellular and molecular biology and the advancements thereof. They are very well known in the medical/pharmaceutical world and currently have about ten products available for various medical conditions. Clinical trials are underway through Amgen for various conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and cancer (Amgen). Also among the qualities of this company are its nonprofit organizations and community assistance programs. Such organizations help Amgen in their goals of great patient care by helping more people obtain their drugs. Their organizations also assist in scholarships and internships for students from junior high to college (Amgen). Amgen has seventeen locations globally in Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Canada, and the United States. Of the seventeen locations the United States holds nine research facilities. Although it’s extremely important for a company to grow and develop new facilities, the opportunity for major communication gaps is tenfold especially considering global growth. With lack of communication the potential for loss of control is increased which poses serious risks from every perspective (Amgen, Forbes). Another culprit for risks is the biotechnology industry itself. The very success of the company is solely based on the effects of the drugs on patients. The simple fact is the drug either works or it doesn’t. If people are dying or having terrible side effects it’s a direct reflection of the drug company and they pay heavily for