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I select COACH since it is an U.S. native brand which also enjoys a great fame all around the world. COACH did really well in its merchandising strategy with the use of social media platform mainly via network. 1. (there is also which defined to be a brand’s online outlet) offers customer online shopping, brand news and other information about the brand. Customer can live chat if they have questions. has links connected to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The strategy uses is that if one likes a particular item from the website, he can like and share it with just click on the icon of a media. I view that a compelling and clever strategy because it gets the rid of the subjective launch of advertisements to customers. Since reference group is a more efficient way to promote an item, customers may feel more reliable with the discussion among the people who have the similar wants and needs. This is included in soft sell.

2. Yes, it has an omnichannel presence. Not only does it use the strategy above, but also has it its own Facebook page and twitter. uses these to update the latest brand news like the introduction of the new collection and also match advice. For example, during every beginning of a new month, the top 3 in-store best-selling styles over the last month will be posted on the Facebook to give an idea about the trend right now and make it easier to choose items online. This builds a bridge between store and website with virtually offering more physical experience.

3. also launches ads on the social media platform. The most common content is putting some items similar to the viewed by one to cause resonance. While people are checking the Facebook or twitter, an item they had checked before may cause them think twice. This instant commercial communication works well in digital media with the use of stimulus into people’s sub-consciousness. Often the latest sale event is posted online which is retail strategy to more efficiently promote the event.

4. The main part promoted by the platform is the products. However, the page layout gives the same idea of the coach store which emphasizes on the simplicity.

5. The audiences spontaneously…