Essay about Coach: Marketing and Product Lines

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Case Study: Coach Inc.



Coach is an American luxury leather goods company founded in 1941. Coach is well known for ladies handbags and also items such as belts, watches, luggage and other accessories.
Marketing Strategy:

Differentiation is the key in the Coach’s product line. The company’s marketing strategy is designed accordingly. Based on the research they found out that the buying rate of their best customers doubled in 2006 compared to 2002 stats. This findings enabled them to focus more on introducing new products frequently in a year which is a huge success. Because 70 percent of their sale in 2006 are from the products introduced within the fiscal year.
Not only in the product lines, they differentiated themselves in the luxury goods market by providing exceptional customer services. Their unique store design and the quality leather standards were the main contributors to the company’s reputation. They have one of the best distribution strategies in the industry.

SWOT analysis:
Strong brand image of “Affordable Luxury”
Leather Quality standards
Comprehensive Distribution Channels
Customer service and support
Aesthetic store design

Licensing agreements
No product lines for middle income consumers
As the bestselling lines are from fashion stores, created an opportunity to convert more core stores to fashion stores.
Increasing the number of full price stores in United States and Flagship stores in Japan annually.
Exploiting new usage…