Coach2move Research Paper

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Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a problem-oriented and focused coaching intervention called as “Coach2Move” delivered by a Geriatric Physiotherapist as compared to usual physiotherapy for improving physical activity, mobility and health status in community-dwelling older adults. The other purpose was to study the cost-effectiveness of the “Coach2Move” intervention.
Methods: This study is a single-blinded randomized controlled trial which took place in thirteen different physiotherapy practices. To evaluate physical activity- LASA Physical Activity Questionnaire was used; for mobility- modified get up and go test, walking speed and six-minute walking test was used; for quality of life- SF-36 was used;
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Two groups were formed. The Coach2Move had 65 participants and the usual physiotherapy group had 65 participants. The Coach2Move was designed and performed by a geriatric specialized Physical Therapist which included training focusing on clinical reasoning by providing an extensive, pre-structured and systematically organized diagnostic protocol; use of motivational interviewing which helps to rule out barriers and facilitators for physical activity; shared decision making on meaningful treatment goals (SMART goals); special coaching on self-management techniques; focusing on meaningful activities to be carried out at home by family or caregiver. The usual physiotherapy group consists of conventional physiotherapy performed by a PT which included general information with regards to treatment and no attention was paid to clinical reasoning, forming SMART goals, measurement instruments, or self-management. Both treatments consisted of training for balance and strength and training for activities of daily