Essay on Coaches Role in Mental Training Programs

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Sports today is a big part of society. Athletes are asked to perform in clutch situations, but the ability for them to perform depends solely upon how they are trained mentaly.Many coaches today do not understand how to properly train athletes mentaly. many coaches today do not think that mental preparation is something that you can teach, coaches believe that your student athletes either have the preparation or they do not have the mental toughness. As a coach it is important to understand ways that we can help t motivate our athletes to perform in big situations. As a coach our job is to understand that mental training can be taught to athletes and it is a great tool for coaches to use. There are certain things we will look at as coaches that we can make sure we have to help in the mental training of athletes. we will look at some ways a coach can function in a mental training program. We will look at how coaches can help function mentally by looking at practice situations moreover looking at the specifics of in game and off-season training to help athletes perform better. There are several things t coaches can use to help our athletes understand and focus on mental training. some training ideas consist of goal mapping, imagery the three p thinking, and physical relaxation.These can also translate into attention focused energy management and self confident using these toolls we are able to help our athletes become better prepared mentally. a coach can help with mental training program by first goal mapping. a coach can help his athletes by helping detrimental training program about first setting goals for helping goals helping out the set goals and that was because of goals for sporting events or activities they can begin to see that coach can help them and make them more manageable as an athlete it is imperative to see you at the coach really does care about her goals and wants to help you succeed in the Bose if you have for yourself the coast is not asking what your goals are an athlete in the rear come to mind the cut the athlete may realize that the coach really doesn’t care and just as out to win and is not really there to help you achieve your girl goes if you would like to have as a coach we can see that that setting goals is very important not only for yourself as a coach but also for you if an athlete has goals that he can sit and are obtainable and reachable and a book management into parts are manageable the athlete will then have a better idea of what to do to perform better on the field and practice and officer during off-season as an athlete this is one step in helping and as Ashley and as a cause this is one part in helping eight in helping with helping with mental preparation as a coach this is a big thing because goal setting for players is something that something that will allow them to focus on ago instead of cents instead of just going to win as a coach we must take the goals and breaking down into small part we cannot say that a players goal is to win a championship when reality they put the players go maybe we’ll see when they change your butt but as a coach we have to understand that the player may want to achieve two touchdowns in the game or two goals in a game or two baskets in Denver to get in so in reality is we have to make that a go for them in helping to achieve this weather to take extra hitting practice where they take they shoot 100 shots during practice whatever it is to help them achieve that goal by helping them achieve that goal we now made it possible for them to be mental a great example of goal setting would be this year during bus season ahead at school that I teach the head basketball coach called each one over individually we talk today we gave him specific goals that we wanted for each game and slow the players goals was to school for six points again get 3 to 4 rebounds a beautiful specialist because he’s a good defensive players this goal was attainable because we knew that