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Matthew Torgerson

Coaching Philosophy

A Coach isn’t defined by his/her wins and loses, a coach is someone who is willing to give it their all for young athletes. Coaches must also give their athletes respect just like you expect them to give you respect. But first of all coaches should believe that academics are the most important aspect of their life, like in sports you may plan on playing a professional sport but believe you have to prepare yourself for other aspects in life. When coaching you have to be very interactive with your players. Let them know that are here to make them better people both on/off the field; if you are successful in the classroom you will be successful as an athletes. Another principle would be to have a urge to win when you are tested in competition or a event you are competition in you have to have that deserver to win, you have to believe that that you have trained harder, longer, and endured more hardship than the team your are playing and the other athlete that you are going up against. In my coaching philosophy believes that as a coach you believe that only the players can provide themselves with the motivation to get to what they want out of life. As a coach you can only help them with directions and do your best to get to where you want to be in life. When coaching your players want to have a coach that the players believe that will make them and the team successful, so they want someone that is going to be 100% committed to them and the team. Whatever needs to be done they will know as the coach that we will the decision we make as coaches will be based on to what we feel is the best decision to make this team and players successful and do whatever it takes till we