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Coaching Skills
Coaches must plan and implement training sessions which replicate the demands of the game. This includes the development of appropriate skills, energy systems and the decision making process.
•Players should be exposed to game specific situations at training to allow them to develop their information processing and decision making mechanism. This increases the likelihood of players making the correct decisions when under game pressure.
Whether coaching elite athletes, or novices learning a motor skill for the first time, it is important to introduce the skill to be learned in an organised and succinct manner. An effective introduction to the skill should:
Provide a name to help athletes to categorise and remember the skill
Minimise the number of teaching points to avoid information overload. Generally students can absorb no more than three teaching points
Ensure that the athletes understand the tasks to be accomplished; teachers or coaches should provide opportunities for questions to clarify any confusion
There are two types of skills, these are:
Simple Skills
Are straightforward
Typically require little practice to learn
Require little cognitive ability
Consist of a limited number of component part
Limited decision making required
Taught as a whole
Complex Skills
Are more difficult to learn
Require repeated practice to learn
Require more cognitive ability
Consist of many component parts
More decision making required