Essay on Coaching Soccer

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Attacking tasks for the Whole Team
1. Make playing area as and wide as possible.
2. Try to create dangerous situations in the opponent’s penalty area as quickly as possible.
3. Create opportunities to play passes forward to feet or run on to.
4. Take up good positions in front of the goal when the ball is crossed.

Attacking Tasks for the Defensive Line
1. No unnecessary loss of possession in your own half.
2. Circulate the ball quickly.
3. Try to switch play as quickly as possible.
4. Try to play ball forward as quickly as possible.
5. Try to play ball to teammates in space.
6. Take up good supporting positions of teammates.
7. Communicate.
Attacking Tasks for the Midfield Line
1. Read the game.
2. Take up positions that allow the ball to be played to your feet or forward into attacking zones.
3. Supports strikers.
4. Fast play through the midfield.
5. Don’t run forward to early.
6. Take over each other’s positions.
7. Create dangerous situations as quickly as possible by:
a. Shooting at goal.
b. Playing the ball into space between defense and GK.
c. Playing ball forward to checking/running strikers and outside mids.
d. Switch play from one flank to another.
e. Take up positions on the edge of penalty area for a cross.

Attacking Tasks for the Forward Line
1. Good cooperation between strikers.
2. Take up positions that allow the ball to be played forward into attacking zones.
3. Good movement. (check to and run away from ball)
4. Keep playing area as large as possible. (create space for one another)
5. Vary your runs so they aren’t predictable.
6. Create space for individuals running with the ball.
7. Be aware of the third man running.
8. Take up good positions in front of goal for crosses.
9. Remember, your job is to create chances and score goals.

Attacking Tasks for Outside Backs
1. Fan out toward flanks.
2. Be ready to react quickly if possession is lost.
3. Be aware of what is happening in attacking zone, play ball to attackers if possible.
4. Support outside mids.
5. Try to overlap outside mid if situation allows it.
Attacking Tasks for Central Defenders
1. Keep play under control.
2. Good positional play relative to other players.
3. Switch ball from center to flanks.
4. Look for opportunities to play ball forward quickly.
5. Overlap outside mid if game situation allows it.