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Coaching Philosophy
As a coach the ultimate goal is to make all the wrestlers better as an athlete and a person. My coaching staff and I essentially want to teach important characteristics such as discipline, dedication, loyalty, confidence, and hard work. In the sport of wrestling every wrestler has different style that is why as a coach my goal is to have everyone wrestle as hard as they can no matter what their style is. One wrestler could completely dominate another wrestler with the same skill level if he is willing to work his hardest and wrestle to the best of his ability. When I was a student athlete the best thing that I learned from all my coaches was to be willing to put in the extra work on your own time. In the process of teaching these important characteristics we feel that the student athletes will succeed individually and as a team as a whole if all strive to learn what the coaches are preaching. One of the things I will stress even more than working hard on the mats or in the weight room is to put the hard work in the class room. Good grades are often the difference between a great student athlete and an average one. As a coach I will be taking the responsibility of providing a tutor if that’s what is needed to succeed in all aspects of school. Academically the goal is to have a team average GPA of at least 3.0 we will especially stress that class room attendance is very important in keeping the grades where they need to be. One hundred percent attendance will be required to participate weekly with few exceptions such as being ill or having family emergencies. As a coach I will be extremely stern when it comes to punishments. All athletes will be…