Coal and Children Essay

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ESOL 840
In the nook October Sky the author (Hickam, Jr) writes about how the home town is at war with itself over its children (see p.1). Coal Wood was a town filled with coal mining. Most of the children in that town went to follow their family’s footsteps in becoming a coal miner when they grow up. The parents of those children want their children to get the best of life. Parents would like to get their children out of the town coal wood so they wouldn’t become coal miners. Coal mining is a very dangerous job. Lung disease, suffocating, and even getting crushed with rocks a coals takes a big part of being a coal miner. I personally would not want to be a part of any of that because I would like to stay healthy throughout my life and that’s what the parents want for their children. They don’t want their children to stay in the town of coal wood because their future is dim. Parents want a bright future for their children and that bright light cannot be found in the town of coal wood.
This problem can be found all around the world. A country that plays a big part in this problem is Africa. Children all around Africa either end up working in farms or they would have to move to another place were the education is better. My brother had to go through this while he was trying to get his college education. I lived in Jordan where education was very important to people but it was very hard to get it. My brother had to leave the family and go live in Iraq…