History Of The New Football Helmet

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New and improved that is what coach told us the new football helmets would be like I asked, what was so special about the newer helmet but in classic fashion he raddled of some very elaborate improvements. As I entered the old storage the same one that has been used sense our school was high school many moons ago. It was musky and moldy from the many hot, humid summers. It was cluttered with the many things that have accumulated over the years although being cleaned out just a week earlier. I made my way to the very back of room where my coach kept the helmets as I found the boxes that our new helmet had been shipped in. When I kneeled down to pick them up I noticed that they weren’t shoved up against the wall something was preventing them from doing that. I reached my now sweating hand to see what was lodged between the wall and very heavy boxes. What I pulled out had two colors that I knew very well they were my school colors that have not changed since it was established in 1936. As I examined the very metallic feeling surface of the old helmet and I felt the many dents and scratches that have plagued the surface from the many games and practices that have taken place all this history and all at one moment it was thrown away for a newer version that most of the time wasn’t much better than the simple counterpart who lost their place to them. It was an extremely simple design a metal body with a single plastic bar going across to protect the face of the user. I began to