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Does it worth to give a go on the large reserve mining project

Whitehaven Coal Ltd soars on the approval of its 2 years planned biggest coal mining project at Maules Creek, NSW which would commence soon after the final go ahead by the Federal Government (“ABC News” 2012). The established in February 1999 company (Whitehaven coal history, n.d) is aiming for the large reserve in heart of Gunnedah Basin. However this project is not recommended to persist as it would risk the society as proposed by Perry (2013). We shall explore the potential impacts on the nearby community and environment in the following paragraph.

Besides for the company itself the mine might be good for the region economy (“Sydney Morning Herald” 2013) and also creates new job opportunities. However despite those advantages the vicinity community of the mining area would be affected by ecological disruption. This would not agree with the first model of ethics called the Utilitarian model which focus on the greatest profits for the greatest number of people. Secondly, the by-products (Tiwary 2001, 186) and emission from the mining process are health hazardous and deteriorate the environments (Minerals and Energy Education 2010). This shows vivid violation of the people’s fundamental rights to freedom, life and safety as discussed in the Moral rights model of ethics. Last but not least, a good manager also needs to practice Justice model of ethics by distribution of fair and evenhanded benefits and harm among the people. Consideration about the harmful effect to many people which is much greater than the benefits to only few of job receivers from this project should have been taken into account.

Judging through the three ethical decision making approaches discussed by Waddell et al. (2011, p.148) this project is not worth going by looking ahead on disadvantages and losses at great scale that would impact the society. As a manager and also conservationist it is not suggested to accept the job related to this project. Jacques Cousteau, a conservationist has reminded us that we have only a very small number of years left to preserve the earth if we don’t act now (Cousteau, as cited in Morgan, 2008, p. 41).


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