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October 15, 2012

Topic: Performance Management

Overview Welcome to Module 1. If you have not already done so, read the Program Manual located in the Reference Material section of the CMA Canada Professional Programs website. It provides you with important introductory information about the program. In Module 1 of the program, candidates are exposed to many functional competencies from the CMA Competency Map that involve decision making regarding performance management, performance measurement, risk management and governance, and financial reporting. For assistance when doing their assignments in these areas, candidates are expected to draw on many of their intermediate and advanced management and financial
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In this assignment, candidates are specifically directed to do only certain steps of the Steps for Approaching Business and Corporate Strategy. This case-solving approach was first introduced to candidates at the Orientation Session. As mentioned at the Orientation, these steps provide candidates with a systematic approach for addressing a case involving business-level and corporate-level strategic issues. The first three modules (Development Phase) of the CMA Canada Professional Programs prepare candidates for the Case Examination and focus on the business-level strategic issues. Applying this approach effectively is one of the important competencies that candidates will learn in the Professional Programs. Reference Documents To assist candidates with case analysis, a series of reference documents have been created and can be found in the Reference Material section of the Professional Programs website. The most important documents include: 1. 2. 3. 4. Steps for Approaching Business and Corporate Strategy General Assessment Guide Business Report Guidelines Format Specifications

There are other documents such as Situational Analysis Tools, Developing an Implementation Plan and Pro Forma Financial Statements. Candidates should find these documents very useful throughout the program. Learning Outcomes By the end of the assignment, candidates will be able to recommend strategies and tactics