Coastal Theory Essay

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I think there is a lot evidence to support the Clovis and Coastal entry theories, whether by Pacific or Atlantic oceans. I think it is entirely possible that all the methods were used in migration of people to the Americas. One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way”. I believe that people came to this land any which way that they were presented at any given moment. Some probably did set out from Asia by foot or sea, Some probably from Siberia when the Bering Strait was formed into a land bridge, and people from Europe and Africa probably also migrated by sailing across the oceans.

According to the article, “Does skull prove that the first Americans came from Europe?” by Steve Connor, the discovery of a 13,000 year old skull of a 26 year old, Penon woman, proves that Europeans were the first to migrate via the ocean to the Americas. This skull was found in Mexico at the edge of a prehistoric lake in 1959. The woman’s skull was long and narrow and more conducive to Caucasian features which would suggest European decent.

Given the aforementioned discovery, the coastal entry theory makes perfect sense, but I highly doubt it was the only way the new world was populated. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” as the old adage suggests.

The Clovis theory is the most accepted because of the evidence pointing to the people from Beringia migrating into the plains of north America via the land bridge opening after ice started melting from the ice age