Coastline Systems Consulting Customer Response System Essay

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Coastline systems consulting
Customer response system

In this section you will learn background information that will prepare you to understand and complete each of the milestones of this case study. This information includes a history of the business, a description of the business’s current facilities, and the descriptions of the problems that triggered the project.

Case background

Coastline systems, consulting is a small solutions provider company located in Destin, Florida. The staff of seven IT technicians, designers, systems analysts, and programmers provides a range of networking, computer hardware, and software solutions to area businesses, coastline works with client to analyze their business needs, they
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As a result, time-and-billing is not |it to the field. |development to impact our |
|profits, and increase |accurate and efficient. | |primary duty. |
|customer satisfaction. |5. Clients cannot submit their requests | | |
| |electronically, and cannot track its progress. | | |
| |Clients get frustrated when they cannot get through | | |
| |to submit a request via telephone, and when they | | |
| |cannot get up-to-date information on their request. | | |

The president, Peter Charles, wants to develop a system that is both more responsive to clients ans helpful to technicians. He would like to see a system that allows clients to directly enter their service requests. The system would track the status of each request along with the hours spent for billing purposes. Mr. Charles also wants the system to be able to generate statistics and reports so he