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“Coca-Cola Gets Taste for Chinese Herbs”

This article, “Coca-Cola Gets Taste for Chinese Herbs,” basically states that the company of Coca-Cola is working with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to produce a medicine-based drink. Using the Themes of Geography, this article can be analyzed. Location tells us the position on the Earth’s surface. This project is mainly taking place in a lab located in Beijing. Place tells us the physical and human characteristics found in a location. The article talks about how the lab is found in Beijing, how the ingredients needed for the drink are found in South America and Africa, and how the Beijing Olympics were held in, of course, Beijing. Human-environment relations tell us about our relationship with the environment. Coca-Cola uses coca leaves from South America and kola nuts from Africa for the production of their drink. They also use the liquids from other plants from the environment for this. Movement basically describes how humans interact on Earth. The article indirectly sates that the Atlanta-based company had to communicate with Beijing to start the production of the herbal drink. Regions tell us how an area forms and changes. Regions like those in South America and Asia are changing due to the loss of coca leaves and kola nuts needed for Coke. The Big Nine Ideas in Geography can also be used to analyze this article. The location, where it is, is Beijing, as stated above. The distribution, how it is arranged, is that the Atlanta based company interacts with Beijing to form this lab to produce the medicine-based drink. Spatial association states what goes with what and why they go together. The medicine-based drinks go with Coca-Cola because they are the ones who created it. The distance, or how far it is, would be 7567.69 miles between Atlanta and Beijing.