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Have you ever known every second of every day, people everywhere 13,000 of them pops open a coca cola product? First how was the world most valuable product discovered? Next Coca Cola gain worldwide growth. Lastly how this brand refreshed the world with its great refreshments. Coca Cola is the most valuable product discovered, therefore it has gained worldwide growth, and Coca Cola has refreshed the world with different varieties of refreshments. The world’s most valuable product was discovered by a pharmacist, John Pemberton from Atlanta, GA that had began to mix together the ingredients that would later become Coca Cola. In 1886 Pemberton mixed fruit syrup, extracts of cola nuts, and coca leaf, and other ingredients in a three legged brass pot, stirring and heating them until them until they formed sticky brown syrup. Carbonated water was added to the drink in place of plain water; people loved the new bubbly drink and soon were to start to be sold in soda fountains around Atlanta. In 1891, the original creator of Coca Cola had passed away 3 years before 1891 causing the company to be bought out and then the Coca Cola Company started and the product was improved, and became the world’s most valuable product. To sum up discovery John Pemberton invented Coca Cola by mixing together various ingredients and then adding carbonated water to his invention too enhance it, but he passed away causing the invention to be bought out and that was the start of a company that would experience worldwide growth.

In addition Coca Cola discovery caused it to make worldwide growth. Although it’s worldwide growth started when markets, stores, and soda fountains begin to overflow with Coca Cola. Also part of the reason for Coca Cola Company’s continued expansion during these years was its focus on advertising to make Coca Cola a part of every ones daily life. For example sales for coke during the early 1920’s to the late 1920’s Coca Cola sales shot up to a sky rocketing record. However Coca Cola started