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Coca Cola Advertising Changes Throughout The Years Coca Cola, is a brand name that has been marketed throughout the entire world. No matter what country you may be in, the word "Coke" is extremely well known. The reasoning behind this product being so well known, is not necessarily because the drink is great tasting, but more so due to the continuous and up to date advertising methods that the Coca Cola Company has used through out the decades. These different types of ads through different years, have ethical appeal, the need for affiliation and the need for nurture standing out in different ways and techniques. Coca cola advertising has changed throughout the years from being geared toward certain gender groups, certain age categories and methods of advertisement.
 Companies use gender advertising to persuade a specific gender to purchase their product. The Coca Cola company has done this for both the male and female gender in order to increase their sales. In the early years of Coca Cola advertising, black and white photos of families and men coming home to their wives were the usual scenes shown to draw in the working men and the spouse and family that they supported. An ever popular ad from the Coca Cola Company, was an ad showing a man coming home from work and drinking a refreshing Coke. The advertisement being considered, has an ethical appeal and the need for nurture wrapped throughout the text and picture. In earlier decades, men were the sole provider of the household, therefore Coca cola aimed to reach out to this gender group by focusing on the hard work they do, and that a refreshing beverage, Coke, is deserved. Also, the ad picturing men coming home to a wife or family reaches out the the need for nurture. The father, husband, and head of the household nurtured his family through the work that he did and he was in turn nurtured by the delightful treat that a Coca Cola brought him.
 Ads throughout the decades have reached out to certain age groups in different ways. In the 1970s, Coca Cola had an advertisement that was geared towards children. The ad showed large text stating “For a better start in life, start Cola earlier,” and depicted a mother giving the sweet taste of Coke to a young infant of maybe six or seven months. Fowles appeal of the need for nurture was the appeal that stood out and pulled in the audience of parents, families and possibly even grandparents wanting the best and freshest products for the children in their lives. As crazy as that may sound to us now, Coca Cola pushed their products out towards babies to drink and encouraged mothers to allow them to drink Coke in order to have a better life in the first few months after birth. In today’s advertisements from drink companies, many mothers and parents search for products that are basically the exact opposite from a Coca Cola product. Coke has a high amount of sugar, syrups and other ingredients that parents do not want given to children, let alone an infant or toddler, which explains how different ads for beverages have changed from the Seventies to the ones seen today.
 As well, Coca Cola has changed their methods of advertising throughout the decades. In the first years of Coca Cola advertising, radio commercials, newspapers and metal signs in stores were the most used methods of advertisement. In many ways, the need for affiliation with families and the way a person lived day to day was what pulled in the customers on a regular basis. With the need for affiliation, people want to feel like they connect with others around them. Coca Cola used this type of appeal in its earlier years of advertising in order to draw the customers in and get them to want to feel affiliated to the society they live in