Coca Cola Digital Audit Final 1 Essay

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Digital Audit: The Coca-Cola Company

Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Site Marketing Performance
3. Key Calls-to-Action
4. Ranking and Traffic Estimations
5. Search Engine Friendliness
6. Digital Marketing Performance
7. Social Media Performance
8. Conclusion
9. Works Cited

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Overview The Coca-Cola Company is a worldwide beverage corporation and manufacturer headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They have utilized their marketing team in great ways, which has allowed them to become a well-recognized brand and develop a very loyal customer base. After an audit of their website, , it is easy to see where the company is headed and the goals that they intend to reach. In addition, after speaking with the Director of Sports Entertainment for Coca-Cola, more light was shed upon what Coca-Cola is currently doing to expand their customer base and how they are re-directing their marketing focus.
Currently, Coca-Cola is transitioning to a more personalized approach as shown through their “Share a Coke” Campaign. This allows for a more effective customer experience and shows how Coca-Cola is shifting their focus to be more about their consumers rather than about their huge corporation. According to the CMO, Coke is mentioned 35 times a minute around the world, and the company wants to focus on “building memories that last a lifetime with an ice-cold Coke in hand” each time their company is mentioned. This creates strong brand awareness and continues their long-standing traditions. Overall, their website reflects these changes in the company and how the marketing team is working to reach their consumers in a new way. By increasing their social media presence through organizations such as ESPN College Game Day, (Figure 1), and providing real-time communication, they are becoming an even larger presence on the Internet. In addition, they are doing the same with social media networks, and they are looking to gain even more understanding about their customer’s preferences, opinions, and suggestions. Throughout this analysis, we have conducted an audit that explains exactly how Coca-Cola is implementing certain tactics and what they can still improve upon.
Site Marketing Performance
At first glance, the website design is found to be a little intimidating but at the same time very appealing. There are a lot of ways that Coca-Cola can improve the site design, but there are also a lot of instances where they have succeeded. The site is extremely modern containing a variety of colors, graphics, videos, and information, and there are two main ways to navigate through the site. A reader can either select a tab from the relatively easy to follow navigation bar at the top of the page that can help direct them, or they can simply scroll through the information on the Front Page tab. In this sense, the format and layout is very basic which helps the design, but I think that the content could be reduced as there is a lot happening, especially on the Front Page tab itself. As the reader scrolls down the page, there are many different sections relating to a certain type of content as well.
Figure 2 11/5/2014
The content on the main page differs dramatically from the information included in the navigation bar. For example, the navigation bar includes information on Brands, Videos, Sustainability, History, Music, and a tab titled Unbottled (Figure 2). Each of these pages relates directly back to Coca-Cola and contains more information about the news within their company and their people in my opinion. For example, under the Sustainability tab, a reader can learn more about how “Coca-Cola and the Coletivo are building sustainable communities in Brazil” through The Coca-Cola Company, but on the other hand, the Front Page tab includes a variety of information starting with articles