Coca Cola Essay

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1. Consider Coca-Cola’s advertising throughout its history. Identify as many commonalities as possible for its various ads and campaigns. (For a list of Coca-Cola slogans over the years, check out
2. Analyze the “It’s Mine” ad based on the process of creating an advertising message as outlined in the text.
3. Discuss issues of selecting advertising media for the “It’s Mine” ad. How might this process differ from that of other Coca-Cola campaigns? From other campaigns for other companies?
4. Based on the information in this case, how might Coca-Cola measure the effectiveness of the “It’s Mine” ad? What else might Coca-Cola want to measure?

When you think of Coca-Cola, what comes to mind?
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Responses to this question should center around the debate of the benefits and risks of the Super Bowl as an ad venue. These include:

• Reach is huge. One of the biggest television audiences of the year.
• Global audience.
• Highest percentage of viewers watching ads.
• Image of advertising on the biggest advertising event.
• “Free” advertising in the form of after-game publicity.

• Recall for specific commercials and brands is actually quite low.
• Very expensive as far as absolute cost of airtime and production.
• The opportunity cost is also huge, given that these funds can buy a tremendous amount of airtime or ad space in other media.

The process that Coca-Cola went through to select the Super Bowl for this particular ad may very well have differed from that of other campaigns. While Coca-Cola is always advertising to a massive audience, the objective for this particular brand was to regain some of the brands lost sizzle. Thus, the benefits of the extremely large audience and the image boost brought on by the Super Bowl as an event contributed to this.

Certainly, the selection of the Super Bowl as a venue for an ad is a different selection process for a general product like a soft drink. Given that just about everyone watching the event is a potential customer, it makes much more sense to use the Super Bowl for a product such as this than it would for products