Cocaine Cowboys Research Paper

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This is a story about Jon Roberts, cocaine trafficker, and Mickey Munday, drug smuggler, who ended up crossing paths in the 1970’s and in between the both of them they made the group that grew into what is formerly known as the Cocaine Cowboys. The name isn’t directly the name of the gang or drug traffickers, but it was used as something to recognize this drastic era of trafficking as a whole. When you hear the name Cocaine Cowboys you should think about all of the drug violence by Colombia’s Medellin Cartel that occurred in the 1980’s.
They were originally from Medellin, Columbia and eventually came to the United States where they gained that name. Jon Roberts was born in New York and got involved with the Italian Mafia. He moved from New York and went to Miami where he started his cocaine
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There were record breaking seizures made by the DEA. One seizure alone could be worth billions of dollars. For example, for only fifty thousand pounds of cocaine the worth would be around nine billion dollars. This amount was only over a period of a year. So just imagine how much money this would be spread across the entire era of the Cocaine Cowboys. Not all officials working to stop the group were innocent. The amount of money and power from this level of trafficking created the temptation that not everyone could resist. There were a lot of crooked detectives working the case that protected what the drug dealers were doing. Raymond Casamayor was one name that surfaced from the many crooked detectives that were taken down. Along with the detectives, there were paid lawyers as well. The system created by the Medellin Cartel was tough to crack because basically if you talked you were killed. Law enforcement feared for their life. The founders of the Cocaine Cowboys would put hits out on any and every one that tried to bring them