Cocal Cola Essay

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Innovation can bring out the uniqueness of a company it can be the one thing that draws consumers to your product or over to the competitors. In order for Coca Cola to go on giving the community what they want and to continue to keep their sales on top they need innovation. One example of Coca Cola’s innovative ideas is the C2. The C2 was intended for male ages 20-to 40- years of age that enjoyed the taste of Coca Cola but did not want the carbs and calories but benefited from the aspect of the Diet Coke with no calories but did not want the female image or flavor. The C2 had the full flavor of Coca Cola but half the carbs and calories. With a $50 million advertising campaign the C2 hit the market in 2004 (Schneider & Hall, 2013). Another example of Coca Cola innovation is there Blue Bayou coupon on the back of their cans. This was a very clever idea to capture not only the adults but also to kids as well. The kids the fun and excitement of the waterpark and the parents benefit from the discount that they receive from the promotion. And at this day and age who is not trying to save every little penny. As a result of Coca Cola’s innovative ideas that are most likely one of the reasons they are at top of the market. “Although Coca Cola has been secretive in the past about innovation within their company a recent article revealed that the company’s global director of innovation Anthony Newstead revealed initiatives had been put in place to change that,