Essay on Coccaine: Cocaine and Tropane Alkaloid

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Good Morning/Afternoon fellow classmates and Mrs Lee, today Chad and I will be presenting some information about the drug, Cocaine or also known as “crack”. Cocaine is classified a powerfully addictive stimulant drug. There are two main forms of obtaining Cocaine, some examples are as follows:
First way, is by making Cocaine from many different types of ingredients. Crystalline Tropane Alkaloid, which is obtained from the coca plant. The fibres from this plant a crushed into a fine powdered substance and then mixed with other chemicals such as, hydrochloride salt, sulphuric acid, nitrite and many others. The overall substance looks like a white powdered substance, which is snorted through the nostrils.
Secondly, is by gathering the crystallised Tropane Alkaloid in rock form or also known as crack rocks, they appear as off white nuggets with jaggered edges, with a slightly higher density then candle wax. These rocks are then heated and the smoke given off is then smoked. These rocks are SOMETIMES used in hospitals as a local anaesthetic.
Commonwealth laws which applies for Australia, criminalise the import and export of certain including narcotics. State and territory laws also criminalise the possession, use and supply of illicit drugs. There are special courts intended to deal with offenders that are caught with using, possessing and supplying illicit drugs. Alternative approaches to drugs. Australia does their best to include the prevention and treatment options for uses. Over the last few years there has been recognition of the need for more evaluations of prevention programs, treatment options an enforcement alternatives for a range of narcotic drugs.
Each state have slightly different rules when it comes to fining people for the possession, use or the supply of drugs for example, the ACT’s penalty for the use, possession or supply of narcotic drugs can be up to $550, 000,000, and life imprisonment, where as other states may apply a different penalty.
Drug fines depend on your age, quantity of narcotic drug, the situation you’re in and your criminal record
Short term and long term effects:
Short-term effects are those that are felt…