Cocoa Delights Essay

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‘Get in touch with your dark side’
Period: July 2010–June 2011

10 Chocolate Parade
Melbourne, VIC, 3181, Australia
Phone: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890
Web Site:
Contact: Coco Jones

Table of Contents

Executive summary
Business description
Founded in 2000, Cocoa Delights is one of the youngest gourmet chocolate manufacturers in the industry. However we do not view our youth as a weakness, on the contrary, our youth is associated with our two most valued attributes: creativity and innovation.
We dare to create the unconventional.
Our team of master chocolatiers have been hand-picked from prestigious confectionary
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Key advertising recommendations
The following characteristics make up the primary target market (approximately 60%) of Cocoa Delights customers: females aged 25–55 from various backgrounds approximately 50% are married have an average household income of $190k are dark chocolate lovers live in inner city or suburban areas.
The secondary target market of Cocoa Delights customers is defined less by their collective love of dark chocolate and more by making health-conscious and environmentally friendly consumer decisions.
The marketing strategy will first seek to create customer awareness of the Dark Decadence product line and then work towards building customer loyalty and referrals.
The message that Cocoa Delights will seek to communicate is that Cocoa Delights offers the highest quality Australian chocolate available and the largest range of dark chocolate varieties in the country. This message will be communicated through a variety of tactics including a mini-movie advertisement which will be shown on TV and the internet, an interactive microsite, a competition, an email campaign, social media, radio and print advertising, all of which will feature our catchy slogan ‘Get in touch with your dark side’. The budget for this advertising campaign is AUD$3 million.
Situation Analysis
Marketing analysis
Marketing strategy
Cocoa Delights is