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1. Firstly, we should analyze why Li react so emotionally to Tang’s decision. The two most important factors Li reacted emotionally to Tang’s decision are Li believes that Tang has undermine his effort on this project, Li thinks he has lost face and this would cause an irreparable damage in their relationship, and also Li thinks that expat managers don’t care about the workers and change the workplace without providing any explanation. He has put lots of effort on this project so he is very upset that without any reason he has to give up. However, unfortunately she just told Tang’s decision directly but not gave any reason. Consequently, Li felt lose face and determined to continue the project.
The problem occurred because of the poor communication. Li as a traditional Chinese worker with a strong performance was dissatisfy with tang’s design due to the lack of explanation in a face-to-face conversation, which is more typical in Li’s culture. Li

2. I believe the incident with Li was indicative of cross cultural communication difficulties. Tang believes that he has an eastern and western management style but the conflict between him and Li indicates that the business communication of Tang was influenced by his western education and experience. The Americans are clearly being seen as individualistic. The bound between people in individualists is loose. Everyone is responsible for his or her own responsibility. Individuals are independent, focusing on their own goals and