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Symantec Corporation assures the security, availability, and integrity of their customers’ information. Their values are innovation, action, customer-driven and trust.
Their ethics and integrity are the building blocks of their business success. Symantics Code of Conduct aligns their business practices and policies with their values and provides a foundation for good governance. Their code is divided into six major areas, fir first being respect in the Work Environment and in the Community via fair employment practices, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, human rights and environmental protection. The second is conducting business in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements via antitrust and competition, anticorruption and international trade. The third is protecting and safeguarding Symantec’s assets with strict finance and accounting practices, support of political activities and contributions, using company resources for personal use while protecting the receiving and disclosing of confidential information, and protecting any insider trading where Symantec does business.
The fourth is avoiding conflict of interest which means any outside employment does not conflict with your Symantec employment or there are no personal benefits from others because of your status as a Symantec employee. The fifth is working with customers, partners, suppliers, and government businesses in that all advertising, promotional materials, and product packaging must be fair, factual, complete, capable of being substantiated, and may not deceive or mislead current or potential customers. The managing relationships and proper pricing with suppliers is important to maintaining the success of Symantec’s business. The final code is competitive practice in which Symantec succeeds by competing vigorously and fairly in the marketplace in full compliance with applicable antitrust, competition, and other laws in order to promote free trade, and encourage ethical and legal behavior amont competitors.

Akamai is committed to operating at the highest level of excellence, honesty, fairness and integrity. It is the responsibility of all employees to make decisions and take actions in a manner that fully honors Akamai’s commitment to their values. They will always work as a team to understand, anticipate and satisfy customer needed while responding with world class service, pursue innovation to continually improve the values of their customers, encourage employee innovation, initiative, and appropriate risk taking, maintain the security of customer information and ensure their trust, foster a work environment that affects, challenges, motivates and retains high caliber employees, demonstrate professionalism and respect for employees, customers, competitors and business partners, conduct business with the highest level of ethics, integrity, and fair competitive practices while adhering to the highest standards in the accuracy of the financial reporting and corporate governance practices. We will also communicate openly and honestly, strive for excellence in all Akamai’s employees do wile measuring the progress and delivering on the commitments to all stakeholders, while striving to deliver free cash flow and profits in line with the expectations of the shareholders’ and most of all have fun.
Akama won’t dismiss ideas from any source without consideration, promise what can not be delivered, violate the rust of customers, their clients, business partners, employees or shareholders, allow any illegal, unsafe, or abusive behavior in the workplace including harassment or discrimination of any kind.
Neustar Inc. adopted its Code of Conduct to provide standards by which directors, officers, employees and contractors will conduct themselves in order to protect and promote organization-wide integrity and to enhance Neustar’s ability to achieve its mission. Their code states that no employees will engage in any activity or