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Code of Ethics
Tina Gibson
Paul Nesbitt
Code of Ethics, Roles, and Behaviors
Code of conduct and ethics are crucial to establish when starting a new business. Every business must have guidelines and rules that all the employees understand and can follow. As well, as every individual should know what their actual roles within the company are. With a clear and concise Code of Ethics, it will ensure that the employee will give the customers the best experience possible, and that the company takes pride in the services that is provided.
Code of Ethics
The companies Code of Ethics is to ensure that it provides our customers and their families the best customer service there is. Provide a safe place for the parents to leave their children while they take a mini vacation. The success of the business comes down to how the employees take pride in what they do. Loyalty, trust and total commitment are what the most important when is deciding to hire an employee.
My employees will be trained and certified with state regulated requirements one of the certifications would be for CPR. The other certification will be from "National Tanning Training Institute" this is online training course that every one employee must complete. With this training the company gains the customer's trust and loyalty, and can see that company takes their needs and concerns seriously.
Managers and employees will treat each other with respect; provide a safe and clean environment to the customers and their children. There will be no tolerance for disrespect towards each other or the company. If there is such conduct, it will call for immediate termination. This Business will thrive off the customer's satisfaction and the loyalty of our clients.

Behavior in a company says a lot of things about the corporation. This company will be known for their customer service, when a business has exceptional customer service the business never dies. The company will make sure that whenever a customer enters our establishment they will feel