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Jose Romero
Code of Ethics 1)
My ethical role model is my grand father, Efren Barrazueta, because he started his own textile company when he was 21 and has managed to stay in the business for 60 years and also he has expand his business ventures in different fields like agriculture, real state and many others. Through the years he has managed all of his businesses with no problems, he has been making great ethical decisions for a long period of time, everyone that works or have worked with him, praise him for his work ethics and for the way he treats people. A few years ago, one of my grandfather employees of his textile fabric, suffered an accident while working, as you may know the public health in South America is a mess and public hospitals are the ones that handle everyone that is insured with the state and that is how everyone that works needs to be insured by law; the employee was rush to the hospital and as expected was attended very badly, so my grandfather with no obligations, took care of the medical bills in a private hospital and helped him in every way through his recovery, now his companies are the only ones in the city where employees have private medical insurances provided by the companies besides the insurance from the state, this allows them to have good medical attention if something happens, this action made his employees feel safe and work in a better way. 2)
The moral principles that help me the most are being kind, generous, honest and I think my family is the responsible one for my principles, I always site my grandparents as my role models because they were the ones that taught my parents everything that they now and with principles like love, respect, truth they raised me. Although as you grow up you learn new things, experience things that help you evolve and see the world in a different way, no one is going to be or think in the same through their lives, people change, learn, live new experiences and the smart thing to do is to try capture the good examples and attached them to your own live, my parents have lived different things than my grandparents but they always have the base of what they taught them, so that is what happened with me I try to gather all the knowledge that I can, I also have amassed principles from my friends that are like a second a family and the ones that have been with me living bad and good things and with them I learned how to always be there for the ones that need us no matter what.
Religion has also help me, I was raised Roman Catholic and I learned about how to treat people, be kind to one another, don’t lie and although I’m not very religious at this point of my life I try to follow their commandment in everything that I do, because growing up with this religion also help me become a better person and a humble human.
All of these influences have help me become who I am now. 3) If I have any problem in any matter I will use these ethical guidelines: * Try to be calm in order to make good decisions. When you want to make any kind of decision regarding any matter you always have to be impartial and concrete in what you are going to do and that is why I choose this one as