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Code of Ethics
Business Conduct

Dr. Dotty Heady

Our entire staff here at, Airline Plus, is dedicated to meeting the public’s travel needs with high end quality, amazing service, affordable prices, and top-notch safety. Our airline schedules around the world flights, so everyone is sure to arrive at their desired destinations. We are currently a medium sized corporation, but plan to grow much bigger in the near future. Our low prices keep us ahead of the competition and our dedication to our members, employees, and customers keep us thriving as one of the top airline choices.
As the new CEO of Airline Plus I am proud and enthused to announce that we will adopt a new Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that will be followed by our employees, Board of Directors, and anyone performing services for Airline Plus. Our codes are benchmarked from 3 other top airline companies Southwest, Delta, and Spirit Airlines. Our codes go past the moral minimum to ensure persons making everyday choices that affect our company are making them with the best interest of the company in mind. The three airlines mentioned above and ourselves here at Airline Plus provide similar guidelines, as well as suitable training of those guidelines to help ensure decisions are morally and ethically correct, and abide by all government laws and regulations.
Airline plus would like to emphasize to every person reading this document that we expect every employee, executive, board of director, and associate to have a high value of honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. Our new Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is below and will be used as a guide to ensure you are making the right ethical decision every time!

Airline Plus Code Of Ethics and Business Conduct
1. Abide by the law
In any decision that is to be made always abide by the law. If for any reason one must question these codes and the law, always follow what the law says. Following this code will ensure our company is abiding by the laws provided by the government, and will ensure our ethics program is working. Breaking the law can cause serious penalty and consequences, including but not limited to termination. Breaking the law is a crime, and is punishable by law.
2. Avoid Conflict of Interest
Conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s, directors’, or their immediate family member(s) private interest interferes, or appears to interfere, with the interests of Airline Plus Company as a whole. Conflict of interest includes but is not limited to:
· Employment or service to another company that the employee knows or suspects is a competitor, material customer, or a supplier of Airline Plus.
· Any personal gain, benefit, or favor because of the employee’s position with our company. This is considered improper personal benefits.
· Any Financial interest in another company that the employee knows or suspects is a competitor, material customer, or a supplier of Airline Plus.
· Family members of employees can also lead to a conflict of interest. No immediate family member (blood or adopted) should perform or be included in any of the above scenarios either. By doing so they may influence the employee’s decisions he/she makes on behalf of the company.
This code of conduct will help ensure our company is safe from wrongdoing and is not taking advantage of by competitors. Our employees shall not be influenced by our competitors, suppliers, and/or material customers.
3. Safeguarding of Company Property
Airline Plus is one of the top airline suppliers because of our low cost airfare we provide to our consumers. As an employee of Airline Plus we expect you to guard and protect all company property from theft, misuse, or damage. It is your duty to ensure efficient use of resources so that we can continue to provide the best services at low prices. Misuse, inefficient use, or waste of company property can lead to price