Basic Characteristics Of Linux, Macintosh, And Windows

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Linux, Macintosh, and Windows are all operating systems who share some of the same basic characteristics. Although they share these traits, the ways they perform them is quite different and are priced differently. One may be the cheapest while another has the best security. By the end of this research paper, one of these operating systems will have won me over. Let’s begin: Linux is an operating system that isn’t programmed right off the bat on a computer. You have to download afterwards. There are many versions of the system and makes it very compatible with whatever needs the specific user has for his/her computer use. Linux isn’t owned by one specific company. Thus, it does not have a technical support to go to if you ever come across a bug and need a solution. Also, if you are an amateur computer user, Linux may be too confusing due to the fact that there are so many versions of it. The amateur user won’t know what he/she is looking for. On the other hand, Linux may be perfect for an experienced user because he/she will know exactly what he/she uses computers for and will be able to discern exactly what he/she wants. Linux can provide much ease from pointless programs that operating systems like Macintosh and Windows automatically include in its system. Linux is also quite safe and secure. This may be because it isn’t based on a single user system like the other two operating systems are. Lastly, to download Linux is either extremely cheap or absolutely free. In price, Linux reigns over the other two operating systems in question. Microsoft Windows is known to be the pioneer operating system. This doesn’t automatically categorize it as the best one though. Windows has always been known for its security problems and slowness. This may be due to unnecessary programs associated with it. On the other hand, Windows is virtually on every computer that isn’t a Mac. Thus, it’s the most commonly recognizable operating system and the easiest to use for that reason. On the downside, Microsoft Windows has always been known for being very slow and having a lot of bugs associated with it. While it may have technical support, you are usually greeted with a series of recordings. When you finally DO get a representative, there isn’t much help they can do except recommend to upgrade to the highest and most expensive version Microsoft Windows has to offer at the time. Basically, you get what you pay for. Then again, Microsoft does its best to update and get rid of the bugs as soon as one shows up. They are very prompt about assisting everybody. Still, it’s known to be the operating systems with the most frequent bugs, so the updates they give don’t work for very long until another virus invades. So while Windows may be technically free on most computers, in order to get the most problem-free operating system, you have to pay a lot to upgrade it. Lastly, Macintosh is the operating system for Apple. Macintosh is known for its innovative programs and attractive demonstration. Mac is based on a UNIX foundation and takes full advantage of the 64-bit,