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Reusability of Code

April 3, 2014

Reusability of Code
Programs are a very important component in the information Technology (IT). Programmers takes a lot of time when coding a procedure and it can become quite complex. When the modules of the program are working correctly it would make a lot of sense to copy and reuse the code as often as practical. This makes the reusability of codes a valuable part to add efficiency to computer programming. Programs are directions in order, which gives the computer hardware the order in which to perform data. The two types of programming languages that will be compared in this paper are Procedural programming and Object-Oriented programming. Programmer often use flowchart diagram that can represents, and visualize the program process. The key difference between Procedural and Object-Oriented programming is the object-oriented program will break down programming task into objects, which encapsulate methods and data; and procedural programming will break tasks into subroutines and variables of collections.
The object-oriented program designing technique that used the top-down aspects to abstract data types with the combined modules and structure design. Object-oriented program design composes of system based on concept of an object. Object-oriented programming supports several characteristics directly. Message, method, object, and class are the attributes or entities in the object-oriented programming. Reusability of code is included in the object-oriented programming helps programmers reaching their goals faster by not writing codes over. Developing a class that is already exists programmers can be used the same objects, which allows programmers to debug and test complex. Active data that able to create applications like Graphical User Interface (GUI). The data encapsulation object of security able to hiding the code of methods and data variables this is smoother as also can be added, deleted from object-oriented program.
Procedural programming is known as