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How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop?
Coffee Shops and Drive-Thru Coffee Stands are popping all over!
Whether you are planning to:

Start a new Coffee Shop
Improve Sales of espresso in your present shop
Buy an Existing Coffee Shop
Add a Coffee Concept to your Present Business

then this hard hitting information is for you!
We will show you how to make real money with a retail coffee business, with the least of pain and the most of gain!
Note: The pictures on this site represent some of our consulting clients.

If this is your first attempt to open a coffee business, you probably have many questions and concerns on your mind:
Will it be worth it?
Will I have enough money to pull this off?
I don't know anything about this business, where do I start?
What equipment or coffee should I use?
Where do I learn how to make the drinks?
I found a great location, but Starbucks is across the street, can I compete with them?
Should I get a franchise or be independent?
If you are seeking the answers, you are in the right place!

If you want to succeed, and before you can sell your first cup of mocha or caffe latte, you will need to do the following: Gain an overall understanding of the COFFEE BY THE CUP RETAIL BUSINESS. The coffee business is not "about making drinks". I can teach you how to make the best espresso drinks in your town in two to three hours, but you still won't understand the nature of the business. I have people calling me every day with questions about "what espresso machine or coffee should I use?" Machines or coffee do not matter if you don't have the money, a location, a design, a sensible menu, an effective marketing strategy and understanding on how to put it all together and make it work. You can waste months in
"research" and end up getting faulty information from people that never operated their own shops, or you can seek out people that "been there and done that" and have a track record to prove it. They will save you countless headaches, thousands of dollars and months of wasted time!
Write a Business Plan. What is a Business Plan? It is simply a projection that tells you and your investors what you intend to do, how you intend to do it, how much will it cost, what is involved, what your sales will be, and how you intend to pay them back. In other words, the people putting up the money or leasing you the location want to know whether you yourself understand what you are doing and have the necessary expertise to do it.
Get adequate financing. How much? For a drive-thru from $40,000-$150,000, for a coffee shop from $60,000 to $350,000.
However, spending more money opening your coffee business won't guarantee it's success.
Find a Proper Location: What is a good location? Similar to Starbucks, or any place that is "highly visible and easily accessible by a large number of demographically correct potential customers." I talk much more on locations in my FREE thirty page "How to Make Real Money with Espresso" e-mail report and in my book "Espresso Business Success Program".



Design your shop not only for looks, but also for speed and efficiency of operation. An architect that never worked behind the counter of a busy coffee shop would not have a clue on how to do it right!
It is not how much money you are investing, it is knowing how to use it so as to generate the "biggest bang for the buck"!
Over-spending in some areas and neglecting some others may make a huge difference in your bottom line! This is where an experienced consultant, that has many years of helping people like you, may save you thousands of dollars in channeling the money where it really counts!

You should implement an effective, "espresso focused" marketing strategy in order to sell mostly espresso based drinks.
Why? Because that's where the real money