Essay on Coffee and freshly Baked Pastries

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When I think of my favorite place, my mind takes me back to Palm Springs, California, and a little coffee shop called Cielo.
My husband and I have only taken one vacation together, when last summer we spent a weekend in the California desert. We went for the obvious reasons, rest, relaxation, and lots of sun. We share a lot of interests and one of them is an avid affection for coffee. We merely happened to stumble upon Cielo, as we took a stroll down Main Street. We walked in to what was a small quaint, vintage looking cafe’, and right through the door you could smell the freshly baked pastries and fresh roasted coffee. It was almost as if in that moment you were transported to a patisserie in Paris, or a Café’ in Venice. The staff was so friendly and courteous; you could tell they had a true passion for espresso. My husband ordered a regular black coffee, and I ordered a double cappuccino, with sugar. The thing about espresso is there are copious amounts of intricate details that can affect the flavor of coffee. Even something so simple as the temperature of the water used for brewing can bring out a coffees true flavors and smells or even turn it bitter. The length of time between grinding and brewing can also have an effect on taste. I’ve never had a cappuccino the size of this one, and it was unlike anyone I had before. The crema in the actual shot was of espresso was pure perfection; the foamed milk was velvety in texture. We shared a fresh pastry that