Coffee and Starbucks Essay

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Whitney Turntine
Professor Rose
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20 September 2013

Starbucks Starbucks is a place where many different people of many different ages go to get their day started or to even to just keep their day going. No matter what People love their Starbucks and Starbucks loves their customers. Starbucks great customer satisfaction and service has put them in the top 50 % of the top 100 retailers in the country at number 46 on the list of top 100 reatailers in the USA. Starbucks is so successful because not only do they have chains all over the world but they appeal to the younger crowds by putting kiosks in high schools and adding cafes to college cafeterias. This company has grown so much in such little time and will continue to grow and strive as a company, and they are only going to continue to get bigger and better everyday.

Starbucks is the leading retailer and marketer of specialty coffee in North America. Having well over 2700 shops world wide they have continued to expand more and more everyday. Starbucks not only sells coffee drinks but they also offer tea, pastrys, and other snacks. They further reach out to make their products more available by wholesaling items to coffee to restaurants, businesses, education and healthcare institutions, hotels, and airlines. In addition to wholesaling their products they also teamed up with Pepsi-Cola Company to further push sales by bottling their infamous Frappuccino beverages to sell them through supermarkets