Coffee and Starbucks Coffee Essay

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The two best ways for individuals to fight against corporations are to get creative, and to join together. Internet Discussion boards provide a way to achieve both methods. Talk to other consumers about concerns and problems. Generate ideas and methods for taking on the difficult issues of consumerism. Start with's very own free forum, and then explore what else the Internet has to offer. offers its own free forum for users to discuss problems with fellow consumers, vent gripes, and find creative solutions to dealing with corporate monoliths. But don't stop there. There are also forums for discussing more theoretic aspects of consumerism and the modern economic and philosophical playing fields. The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice. When faced with a legal problem, many people don't know where to start. can help. This free service from Martindale-Hubbell is designed specifically for individuals and small businesses... and provides the link.
Considering the story of Jeremy Dorosin, a former loyal customer of Starbucks Coffee. Mr. Dorosin purchased an espresso machine from Starbucks as a wedding gift for a friend, but found it to be defective. After a series of phone calls to Starbucks, he became infuriated when his complaint was not resolved to his satisfaction. As a result, Mr. Dorosin purchased a series of ads in the Wall Street Journal that criticized Starbucks, and he publicized his story with a book, a website, and media interviews on national television. The potential for customers to get even with firms has grown exponentially with the Internet For example: Online public complaining and “Homemade” anticorporation web sites (e.g., which are a vast array of online third-party organizations offers preformatted platforms that customers can use with even more convenience.
When consumers believe they have been seriously wronged or mistreated by a firm, they may not be content merely to share their; negative experiences with a few close friends; instead, they may create a