Essay on Coffee: Coffee and Fermented Coffee Berries

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It consists an infusion of the roasted and ground or crushed seeds of the coffee tree. The species is originated in Ethiopia, where it is known before A.D.1000. Today, coffee is also becoming an important agricultural commodity.

The original use of coffee has been a food; the African nomads usually molded coffee beans with fat. Later, the Arabians made wine from the fermented coffee berries. In the middle of 15th century, coffee became a brewed beverage in the Sufi monasteries of the Yemen in southern Arabia. Sufi people drank coffee in a native religious ceremonies in order to keep themselves alert during nighttimes. It is because the caffeine in the coffee can stimulate people’s central nervous system to relieve people’s mental and physical fatigue. Recently, scientists found that the presence of antioxidants in coffee can also alleviate headache and reduce the risk of cancer. However, coffee also has some side effects on human. Students, programmers and writers who would like to enhance their work efficiency might take excessive caffeine, it will cause some symptoms like anxiety and bleeding disorder.

Today, coffee is enjoyed and produced in almost every country in the world. According to, it is grown in more than 50 countries worldwide with about 30 of those countries producing more than 5,000,000 tons of coffee each year. Brazil is by far the largest supplier of coffee, while Americans consume more than one third of the total world’s coffee production. All coffee is grown between the Tropical area, where lines approximately 23 degrees north and south of the equator. The climate there is warm and humid, which is a…