Coffee: Marketing and Todd Essay

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2. What is Expresso’s current generic strategy? What should it be? Why
Expresso’s current Generic Strategy was to go by what the customers wanted and what the people thought what could change the business grow. Todd is letting the customers lead the business with letting them choose what they want and what would make them come back to the coffee shop. The demographics are limited to college students and people that live really close by to the college. He is competing with Starbucks and he doesn’t really have much of a strategy to get more of a growth profit. Todd needs to build a kitchen in his business to be able to prepare other food selections from his current and future customers. If he were to make a drive thru for customers to be able to come and quickly get their coffee he would get a lot more business. He also needs to make his building larger for more room for seating. Hiring a manager to run the coffee shop would come in hand for him because Todd has a lot on his mind where if he higher a manger they can go step by step to figure out the best way to sell products. Even though his employees are making good money Todd need to start paying his future employees minimum wages and charge more on items to gain more from. Instead of give all the money away to the charity’s he need to divide the money in half so his workers feel like they are doing a good job. The customers need something to look forward to which means Todd need to get bands to help him bring customers back to his coffee shop.

3. How would you characterize Todd Sylvester’s management style?
Todd created a good caring and growing business. He wanted his family and other employees to work at Expresso to learn work ethics and have a working atmosphere. Todd wants his customers to feel like Expresso actually cares about what they think. He gave his customers the opportunity to choose what to have in the buildings decor for them to feel comfortable. Todd wanted his employee to feel like they are part of his family to where they should respect each other and not feel like Todd is just telling his employees what to do all the time. Todd showed that he actually cared to give money to charity weekly from the tip jar when…