Cognition and Imagination your Knowledge Essay

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I agree with Einstein, I think if you have an imagination your knowledge will be even greater. Without an imagination you don’t seek greater knowledge. I think if you think anything is possible and are curious you have an imagination. When you are faced with tough situations you can use your imagination to think of a ways to solve your own problems. Your imagination allows you to be creative. Creativity is the basis for success in many aspects of life. If someone comes up to you and says I cannot figure out a way to paint a picture of a house. Someone using only knowledge will seek rules and structure as the basis for thought. Some using their imagination can begin working on the painting immediately without any feelings of incompetence or confusion. There is no worong answere when it comes to using your imagination and it is essential to building self esteem and creativity. Same is true for the statement about knowledge without imagination is like a car without feul. Imagination and knowledge are essential in all aspects of life. I still believe that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, and when knowledge is combined with your imagination your are unstoppable. When you only use your knowledge you may feel lost or even incompetent, but if you use knowledge and imagination you can use rules, process and creativity. This combination is the key to success.I definitely think that insurance companies should provide some typeof compensation for massage…